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Monday, 10 May 2010

The girl in the red dress...

So instead of revising I decided to create another post and I'm sure I will shortly be making a cup of tea!
 Here are a few more of Jojo's photos and of course, the red dress! There is a champagne garden party (with cake and strawberries!) on Saturday and I'm tempted to wear the dress again.We should do a H & M garden collection post at some point with our combined purchases - I don't think I have seen the shorts yet - maybe when the sun comes out again they could form part of your outfit for a post!
I am feeling very uninspired in terms of outfits at the moment. I think mainly due to the grey skies. I was so happy to be woken up by the sun this morning and wore my new floral playsuit to celebrate...unfortunately the sun disappeared quite quickly and it is now grey again and too cold to be wearing the playsuit. Never mind, I am sure Salcombe will bring lots of sun and I can wear the playsuit and sun hat!
Hope the exams and preparations are going well and look forward to a post when all the craziness ends for you!! Lots of love

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Flowers in the park...

I was walking back through the park on Friday morning and thought I would try and take some artistic photos of the flowers - not exactly professional photography but I think it captures them fairly well! This was the morning before the ball - lovely and sunny at this point but then it rained. Luckily throughout the evening the rain stayed away - so no soggy dresses and flat hair!
I really hope you can visit soon so you can see the city and the parks and we can go vintage and charity shop shopping!