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Monday, 7 February 2011

Some new purchases!

 I would firstly like to point out that none of these items cost over £10! What a bargain hunter i am! I loved the pattern of this blue and white dress and it has a really nice cut out back. I have two wedding in the summer i thought i could wear this to one..although it may be a bit short?!
 This is my jumpsuit which i think i have decided to keep now! (I would just like to confirm that i have never taken an in-the-mirror photo of just myself before but this was the only way to get the whole thing in!) I was worried it was a bit tight but Mum thinks it's the 80s style! You can't tell in the photo but it has pleating in the top bit! Think it would go really well with my grey blazer and your grey heels...if only i lived closer to you!!
This is another wedding dress possibility! The pattern is really nice but hard to see here! Found a gorgeous navy and brown satchel style bag in a charity shop the other day which goes really well too!

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